Conspiracy Facts

Deep state agenda

Conspiracy Facts

deep state agenda

A devastating exposé of the Deep State and their plan to enslave humanity.


Justin Malonson

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about this book

 In this book like few have done before me I will expose the deception, false flags and different methods of trickery used to deceive the human population. You know I’m not rocket scientist or anything, but maybe the real conspiracy theorists are those who continue to believe, year after year that government cares about him that mainstream media would never lie to or mislead them, and that the pharmaceutical industry, that makes billions upon billions of dollars from people being sick actually wants to see people cured, maybe, Those are the real conspiracy theorists. Becoming aware of your surroundings is half the battle. We are in a high stakes war unlike anything ever seen in human history. Deep State criminals and 1% globalists who not only want to destroy the USA, but they also intend to depopulate the planet by more than 2/3. Censorship and oppression of free speech is now commonplace.